As Joe Biden sets off on his first trip abroad since becoming president, Pew Research Center has revealed their new statistics which involves America as an ally, Biden's global approval, and how his foreign policies are accepted.

There has been a dramatic shift in how the world views America since Biden became president in January and Pews statistics illuminate how different Trump's and Biden's approval truly is.

A Pew Research Center global survey reveals that since Biden took Presidency, global approval of America has sky-rocketed.

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The election of Joe Biden as president has led to a dramatic shift in America's International image. According to the Pew survey, trust in the U.S president fell to historic lows in most countries across the world during Tump's administration.

Many nationalities around the world held the U.S in low regard, mostly due to the opposition to Trump's foreign policies.

In the new survey by Pew Research Center, sixteen publics were regarded.

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They reported that more than 6 in ten say that they had confidence in Biden to "do the right thing regarding world affairs". In comparison to 2020's statistics, a median of 75 percent expressed confidence in Biden, compared with seventeen percent for Trump. Sixty-two percent of respondents now have a favorable view of the United States vs. thirty-four percent at the end of Trump's presidency.

The findings come a day after Biden touched down in the United Kingdom on the first leg of a whirlwind trip through Europe.

"During the past two decades, presidential transitions have had a major impact on overall attitudes toward the U.S." the report states.

For example, Pew states that Obama's administration improved ratings in 2009 compared to where they had been with George W. Bush, and upon Trump entering the White House, ratings "declined sharply."

"Whereas a median of just thirty-four percent across twelve nations had a favorable overall opinion of the U.S. last year, a median of sixty-two percent now hold this view."

Nevertheless, attitudes toward the U.S. vary considerably across the public surveyed. For example, only around half of Singapore and Australia have a "favorable" opinion of the U.S, and just forty-two percent of New Zealanders hold this view.

Relatively, few trust Russian President Vladimir Putin to do the right thing in world affairs, while Chinese President Xi Jinping has the lowest ratings on the survey.

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Among all sixteen publics surveyed, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stood just ahead of Biden in terms of those who trust the leader's decision-making on world affairs.

Merkel scored a median of seventy-seven percent with Biden just behind at seventy-four percent.

"In most countries polled, people make a stark distinction between Biden and Trump as world leaders."

Pew reports that seventy-eight percent of Germans have confidence in Biden to do the right thing in world affairs compared to just ten percent believing the same about Trump in 2020. Confidence in U.S presidents has shifted dramatically over the past 2 decades, especially in Western Europe. Pew found that ratings for Bush and Trump were similarly low during their presidencies, whilst Obama's and Biden have a similar confidence score.

Biden's high ratings are in part tied to positive assessments of his personal characteristics. Pew's report stated: "Looking at twelve countries polled during the first year of both their presidencies, a median of seventy-seven percent describe Biden as well-qualified to be president, compared with just sixteen percent who felt this way about Trump."

It is very few who think of Biden as arrogant and dangerous, terms which many applied to former President Trump and high levels of confidence in Joe Biden are also favorable to his policies, many of which involve the reversing of those posed during Trump's administration.

A median of eighty-nine percent across the sixteen publics surveyed approves of the U.S rejoining the World Health Organization (WHO) in which the U.S withdrew from during Trump's administration.

"A median of eighty-five percent also support the U.S rejoining the Paris climate agreement." Trump's plan to pull out of the Paris agreement was met with worldwide criticism, and Pew reported that in 2019, just 8 percent in France approved of the withdrawal, in comparison to the ninety-one who backed Biden's reentry.

Few believe American democracy, at least in its current state, serves as a good model for other nations, the report finds. A median of just seventeen percent says democracy in the U.S is a good example for others to follow.

"Although Biden's more multilateral approach to foreign policy is welcomed, there is still a widespread perception that the U.S mainly looks after its own interests in world affairs."

Nevertheless, despite tensions between the U.S and many of its major allies and partners over the last 4 years, relatively few people describe the U.S as an "unreliable partner."

However, they don't express great confidence in the U.S as an ally either. "Across the sixteen publics polled, a median of fifty-six percent say the U.S is somewhat reliable, while just eleven percent describe America as very reliable."

Pew's report suggests that one of the reasons the U.S received such low ratings in 2020, in particular, was due to its handling of the global pandemic.

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Still, among all the public surveyed, a median of thirty-seven percent of respondents think the U.S has done a good job. Many rate the U.S below Germany, the WHO, China, and the European Union in terms of pandemic response.

With the U.S having the highest coronavirus death toll in the world, the Capitol riots in January, and the ongoing racial tension within society, America still seems to be licking its wounds from Trump's presidency. Nevertheless, attitudes are still mixed about how well the political system functions, with less than ten percent of respondents saying it works very well.

Young people were particularly skeptical in about half of the places surveyed.

Nonetheless, the Pew findings show a genuine rise in favor towards the U.S system and its president Joe Biden.

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Pew said its 2021 findings on the United States' international image were based on data from nationally representative surveys of more than 16,000 adults in 16 advanced economies conducted over the phone from March to May.

Findings related to the coronavirus pandemic also incorporated a survey of roughly 2,600 U.S. adults conducted in February 2021 using Pew's American Trends Panel.

So, it looks like President Biden is doing something right!